What the?

More people seem to want to read this blog when it’s inactive. Crazies 😀

Listen to some Oh, Hush! Amazing people who are there for the music and fans. Secret identities and all 😉

Quick post, for a deeply sleepy person. It isn’t even late.



I didn’t do Fall Out Boy on this blog, rather I referred to it on The Ferocious Beast, a /blog/ myself and Marry contribute to together.

People have asked what was meant by “The Ferocious Beast”.

Hint: it has nothing to do with Maggie and the Ferocious Beast.

Okay, Soundwave music festival. Where? Melbourne Showgrounds.

Who did I see you ask?

I managed to catch Silverstein.  As it was early, and I’d only ever listened to them on the drive to the showgrounds, I didn’t really get into it. However, they weren’t too bad.

Then it was time for The Subways. BRILLIANT. I mean, I had been looking forward to them, as they’re one of my favourite bands of all time, and they didn’t disappoint. They played all my favourite songs bar “Mary”, which I did manage to ask about. Billy is amazing nice, as are both Josh and Charlotte. It was a shame about the crazy kids moshing though. I have more bruises than I can count.

After The Subways, it was time to see Forever the Sickest Kids, whom I wasn’t sure about. As in, I love their album Underdog Alma Mater, but I didn’t know how they would sound live. Turns out they’re pretty awesome. They even managed to do a cover of Men in Black, which made me laugh quite a bit.

Straight after FSK was The Red Jumpsuit Apparatus. As it was getting hot, we watched them from the grandstand. Even though I wasn’t as close as I would have liked to have been, they still managed to keep me excited. They played a few songs from their new record too, and despite not having heard it, it sounded pretty good.

I only managed to hear Anberlin from the side as I began lining up to meet The Subways, which depressed me a bit, but you gotta choose between certain things. I missed out on The Audition and half of Bloodhound Gang in order to catch Valencia, who I’m surprised to say, had a really small crowd. They certainly deserved bigger, as they sounded damn awesome.

Bloodhound Gang were friggin hilarious, and were followed by Billy Talent. Yes, the lead has an amazingly… interesting speaking voice, but by golly he sounds groovy when he sings, even if he is a nutter.

Then it was a mad rush to New Found Glory who were followed by Alkaline Trio. I wasn’t able to see them (I sat in the grass because my legs had given way by this stage), but from what I could hear, they sounded good, even if the chick sitting beside us bitched about them.

FINALLY, we went in to catch some of In Flames and Lamb of God (yes, we did miss out on Nine Inch Nails) and yes, it was possibly the first time I sat through some live metal, but it wasn’t like I could actually see anything bar flashy lights. I was impressed by the guitar riffs. Pretty awesome stuff.


Big Day Out


Okay, can I begin with ‘it was friggin’ fantastic.’ I did come back about 3 kilos heavier due to the amount of dust/dirt that had accumulated on me and incredibly burned, despite the sunscreen and awesome hat (or drunk peoples who wanted to rub the suncream on for you).

I’m just going to run through the bands I saw/managed to catch, if even a part of, and then pick the ones that I enjoyed the most. That’s not to say the others weren’t brilliant, but I’m a bit biased as to which bands made the day from good to fantastic.

So, who did I see?

Trial Kennedy, The Getaway Plan, Children Collide, Birds of Tokyo, Cog, Serj Tankian, Arctic Monkeys, The Living End, My Morning Jacket, TV on the Radio, Black Kids, Pendulum, the end of Sneaky Sound System,  and the beginning of Bullet for my Valentine.

Of those which I enjoyed the best/ stood out to me:

Trial Kennedy- First act I saw at 11, and they were amazing. Bar the drunk/stoned kid dancing crazy (who begins that early?), they just managed to make me all the more excited about the rest of the day.

Birds of Tokyo- Need I say anything more? They played all my favourites, fantastic live.

The Living End- Now, they actually were really good live, my only annoyance was they didn’t sing enough, and spent too much time trying to excite the crowd. I know some people like that, but I just wanted to hear them sing, not do instrumentals. Though the beer chugging was amusing.

Finally, The Arctic Monkeys- Brilliant. Nothing more, nothing less. It was worth the wait. So amazing.

I enjoyed it tremendously.

Summer Holidays

It’s strange. I’ve now been on holidays since mid-October (if we don’t count the one Advertising exam).

What have I achieved? I’ve certainly listened to a lot of music. I’m still in need of a job. I wake up around midday, despite at times going to bed absurdly early. I’ve watched a few films.

Speaking of things that haven’t done much of recent, may I make a quick comment about My Chemical Romance? Thanks to Asad, I was shown this link: http://www2.kerrang.com/2009/01/gerard_way_speaks.html

It seems like MCR are thinking of producing a new album as soon as possible. I guess it would have been hard, what with the injuries and uh, marriages and children. But angsty?  (Yes, I know he used the term “aggressive”). If they make it something similar to Three Cheers For Sweet Revenge, that would be awesome. If they went back to Bullets, that too would be amazing. The Black Parade was good. But the only vibe I seem to be getting from this is an angstier version of Black Parade.

Hopefully, their new stuff will be fantastic. Not just average.

Also, thanks to Marry, I’ve been listening to The Cab. Maybe you’ve heard of them?

Whisper War

Whisper War

They’re another band from the likes of Decaydance. That’s the same label who produce awesome bands such as Panic at the Disco, The Academy Is…, Cobra Starship etc. (Basically, so many good bands it hurts.)

More to the point, I still find it amazing that they could be so young (lead singer Alex DeLeon is only 19), and yet be doing something I assume they love. It just goes to show that there are many bands out there, yet to be discovered. Either way, Whisper War is something I’d definitely recommend for anyone out there for easy listening, ‘bouncy’ songs. Don’t get me wrong, there’s a hidden depth in the music, but it’s something that can be listened to almost at any time (bar when the neighbours are in their backyard, and can see you crazy dancing through the window).

I’d love to review a few new albums I’ve bought, beginning with Folie à deux, Fall Out Boy’s new album, but I’ve yet to decide exactly what I think about it, despite it being over a month since I’ve bought it.

Instead, I’ll review festivals/concerts as I go to them. In theory, I’ll have, by the middle of April, reviewed the following:

Big Day Out

Fall Out Boy/The All-American Rejects/Hey Monday


V Festival

and anything in between. Make me hold my promise. I’m too lazy to ever remember updating.

As I’ve mentioned before (other than ignoring my own prompt to rate Brisingr,which wasn’t too bad actually), I read William Beckett’s blog.

He’s changed the colours and the main heading/image. It looks pretty good actually. These colours are a lot more mellow, and picture is pretty darned, well, he looks good.

But that wasn’t what I wanted to write about; rather, the interesting link he’s added to one of his posts- the one to his sister’s photography website.

Courtney Beckett’s photography
other than displaying an array of very awesome The Academy Is… photos, has some very intriguing shots that’ll definitely get you hooked. Under the “portfolios” section I suggest browsing through her character portraits.

Personally, it’s my favourite kind of photo; the type that leads you think and question the very meaning of being human. I especially suggest number 27 in the slideshow. Other than that, some of them are just plain fun.

May I add, check out her bio. I thought Beckett was good looking, but I swear this girl will swing me the other way.

Go have a look, and tell me what you think. (I meant on the pictures by the way, I’m not that anal).

Since May!

The reason I post again is because in the period of one week, I’ve managed to see four films. I’m only going to lightly touch upon each of them.

The first being Angus, Thongs and Perfect Snogging.

I use my sister as an excuse, but in all honesty, I probably enjoyed it just as much as her.

It was pretty good. Cute teenage flick, with cute (albeit girly) boys, an awesome band (watch out for Stiff Dylans. “Ultraviolet” is pretty damn awesome)

Great film if you don’t want to think much.


SECONDLY I saw Wall-E.

Amazing doesn’t even describe it. Brilliant, awesome, touching, mind blowing; maybe.

One of the best films I’ve ever seen.

Wall-E is the sort of film that makes you think: about our future, our actions and what it is we truly are. This is all without actually talking (most of the talking is done by the human characters of the film).

A must see for anyone who fancies themselves a bit of a philosopher.


THIRDLY; Wild Child.

“Uhhhrmmm” possibly describes this film best.

Wild Child

Wild Child

Yes, we get it: Emma Roberts is pretty. But look- she ruined Nancy Drew for me (like, c’mon; Nancy is way cool. Not a prissy private school girl).

In this film we see a (very) predictable plot. Mediocre acting. Dodgy plot line. Lame ending.

So basically, see it if you want to waste $13 on a film that’s better watched on DVD.


FINALLY- House Bunny.

Okay. It’s a half half for me. On the one hand, I know my braincells are melting. But it’s so damn funny.

You really need to see this when you don’t feel like thinking, or doing anything at all really.

Basically, a Playboy girl leaves the Playboy mansion, becomes the “mother” (or something just as exciting) of uncool girls, then WOW they become hot (though I find that highly debatable) yada yada. You wont be seeing this film for its fantastic plot line, because if that’s what you’re looking for, I’d recommend Wall-E.

Verdict? If you like Girls of the Playboy Mansion, stupid jokes where you laugh at people rather than laugh with, and feel like losing a bit of your intelligence, this film is great.


Soon, I’ll review the fantastic (again, debatable) Inheritance cycle (because apparently, Paolini couldn’t fit his absurdly long explanations into three books)

Cheers big ears.

P.S. I’ve taken to reading William Beckett’s blog (http://thewilliambeckettblog.com/page/1). I’m such a sucker for cute men.

I went to see it yesterday, when it came out in Australia.

For anyone who has no idea what I’m talking about, it’s the new Indiana Jones movie, and get your head out of the sand.

Indiana Jones

Other than the fact that I’m a massive Indiana fan, I also happen to love Shia LaBeouf and savvy Cate Blanchett.

So having that mix meant that I had to see the film. Thankfully, I wasn’t disappointed.

I thought it was certainly different from the prequels, but wasn’t bad because of it. The concept and plot line was new [compared with other Indiana films], and you’ll get me after you see the movie when I say this; totally George Lucas.

I do have some criticisms though- for starters, the whole family thing was, I felt, slightly lame and kind of forced. I would have been better if they’d developed it a bit better.

As usual, there were cute/corny jokes, but unfortunately in the cinema that I was in, it seems I was the only one who found it funny. So basically, either I have a great sense of humour and everyone else just needs to remove the pole or I need to get a life 😉

Harrison Ford was brilliant, LeBeouf sexy and Blanchett alluring. I know that there were other actors that I should probably focus on, but those three kept my attention throughout.

I wish there could have been some Sean Connery just because he’s darned amazing, but that really wouldn’t have mixed so well I think.

There’s my two cents. If you’re an action fan, go see it. If you’re an Indiana Jones fan, what are you waiting for? And for everyone else, it’s certainly better than most films out.